We’ve been interrupting business as usual for over 20 years.

In the early years, we were graphic designers who worked across retail, the cultural industries, the sexier sides of magazine and book publishing.

The work we did back then was all about attention-seeking creativity. It was about engaging people by entertaining them.

Then one day we were commissioned to create a marketing campaign for the Manhattan Loft Corporation, which was introducing loft living next to Tate Modern on London’s Southbank. We responded by doing what came naturally – using retail and publishing-industry techniques to create a brand launch that everyone would be talking about.

With that bit of disruptive thinking, we had helped to change the way a conservative industry marketed itself – while also finding our true calling and purpose as a consultancy.

Since then, what Jaques Vanzo does as a business has evolved with the times. But one thing hasn’t changed: we always try to take on projects where there’s a need to translate a good idea into something truly exceptional.