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Everything Embassy Gardens

How a people-centred, multi-channel campaign and crafted branding helped bring London’s best new city-centre neighbourhood fully to life.

Brief /
As Ballymore prepared to launch the final phases of its landmark Embassy Gardens development – including 160 apartments, 21,000 sq ft of office space and new retail units – they needed to get the attention of buyers and businesses in the market for a premium offering during a time of Brexit and pandemic uncertainties.

Embassy Gardens’ 35m-high, transparent SkyPool has made a splash globally. Less well known is the fact that the development is home to a huge menu of other high-calibre lifestyle amenities. And it’s the residents and the people behind the amenities who really set this place apart.

Solution /
We created a campaign focused on quality, abundance and, most importantly, people – emphasising the benefits of becoming part of a like-minded tribe in a city-centre neighbourhood where everyone knows you by name.

To support apartment sales, we developed an identity and brand proposition for the final residential building, focused around a younger demographic and a love of contemporary design – The Modern. And we expanded an existing residents’ club concept to be about access to life-affirming service and wellbeing amenities on offer as well as the great social spaces and events.

Results /
The launch of the Modern was very successful and the sales of remaining apartments in the legacy buildings and lettings of commercial units also ticked sharply up. The digital-centric campaign gave new residents and business occupants instantaneous access to the Embassy Gardens community in a way that could continue even after everyone had moved in.

We delivered:

Sales and marketing strategy
Digital and media campaign
Embassy Gardens website
Amenities and location guides
B2B marketing collateral
Advertising concepts
Hoarding designs