Embassy Gardens

‘We are Embassy Gardens’

The collaborative, people-focused campaign that’s redefining what luxury property marketing can look like in the digital age.

Challenge /
In Nine Elms – the former industrial zone that’s being transformed into central London’s vast new diplomatic and residential district – only one development has pride of place beside the new Kieran Timberlake - designed US embassy. Embassy Gardens has had lots of media buzz thanks to its ambitious 35-metre-high Skypool. But there’s actually an even bigger story here: developer Ballymore’s quest to design the most liveable luxury residential district ever created.

With phase two almost ready, Ballymore asked us to deliver a fresh marketing strategy. The brief: to bring Embassy Gardens’ lifestyle proposition to life for a broad spectrum of affluent homebuyers. Ultimately, this was about articulating value and promoting brisk sales despite Brexit uncertainties.

Solution /
During our research, we found that many residents were already documenting their Embassy Gardens lifestyle on social media – a powerful validation of Ballymore’s placemaking abilities, particularly as the Skypool and some other key amenities were yet to be finished.

This became the inspiration for ‘We are Embassy Gardens’, a digital-led campaign designed to convert these enthusiastic brand advocates into true brand ambassadors. We curated residents’ real photos into an art book and outdoor exhibition called Instant – tapping into a huge pool of existing and highly credible content. And we crafted a lifestyle book, digital strategy and immersive new website aimed at making the campaign meaningful, timely and scalable.

Results /
The campaign signalled, in authentic and eye-catching terms, that Embassy Gardens is London’s undisputed new beacon for affluent citizens of the world. It also increased existing residents’ sense of belonging and pride in calling Embassy Gardens their home – reinforcing both the short and long term value of this landmark development.

We delivered:

Advertising campaign
Art book
Development lifestyle book
Films and online content
Outdoor gallery