London City Island

‘Real people of City Island’

How to digitally promote the next phase of a mixed-use development that’s already home to a thriving neighbourhood scene? Make it real.

Challenge /
At London City Island, Ballymore and EcoWorld are transforming a 12-acre natural peninsula near Canary Wharf into one of the city’s very best neighbourhoods for creativity and contemporary living. It’s a mini Manhattan, complete with 1,600 new homes and over 215,000 sq ft of office space, plus landmark cultural occupiers, a members’ club, restaurants, retail and more.

With a new phase of apartments ready to go to market, our challenge was to create a fresh digital experience that’s as modern and inviting as City Island itself.

Solution /
The new website follows a narrative journey through the vibrant life that’s on offer at City Island – starring people who are already living it. Using a mix of new and existing content to spotlight the development’s rich neighbourhood vibe.

Results /
The site gives prospective buyers an authentic and personable look at City Island. Not just as it will be when fully complete – but also as it already is. A place with an active community of young, creative people who are living life to the full.

We delivered:

Website design/development
Background films
Interactive maps