Loro Piana

Building a one-­of-a-kind luxury store online

Loro Piana needed a one-of a kind online store that wouldn’t undercut the brand’s luxurious essence.

Challenge /
Loro Piana have built a Northern Italian cashmere and wool business into a global enterprise with 130 stores in luxury shopping districts around the world. Yet they had no real online presence. The potential rewards of going online were obvious, but for Loro Piana so were the risks. They asked Jaques Vanzo to help them create an online e-­commerce experience worthy of the brand’s carefully guarded reputation for quality.

Solution /
We knew from the start that the new Loro Piana website would need to look very different to a standard e-­commerce website. We envisioned it as a one-­of-­a-­kind luxury store - one that Loro Piana’s customers could enter anytime and from anywhere in the world, even while out sailing or on a ski holiday. We built an online store that is whimsical, entertaining and luxurious. An immersive experience that’s as intricately crafted and individual as a Loro Piana product.  

Results /
Since its unveiling, the website has been Loro Piana’s biggest and most visible shop window, supporting sales growth and adding new value to the brand. Less than a year after the site was launched, LVMH bought Loro Piana for €2 billion.  

We delivered:

Extensive research
Commercial & creative strategy
One-­of-­a-­kind website