Connected & set apart: Riverscape

The residential property campaign designed to pique buyer excitement around the final phase of a huge development – by cultivating a sense of inclusive luxury and connectedness.

Challenge /
Royal Wharf in Southeast London is one of Ballymore’s largest and most successful mixed-use developments to date. In preparing to launch the final 400 apartments, Ballymore wanted to generate maximum possible value from the project and spark fresh excitement among buyers already familiar with the Royal Wharf brand.

Giving the apartments their own identity as a new riverside landmark was an obvious choice. But this needed careful treatment as the apartments share amenities – including fitness, high-street retail, social spaces and an Ofsted ranked ‘Excellent’ school – with the 6,000 people already living at Royal Wharf. Also, the ‘Royal Wharf’ name appears throughout the district, including on a new river boat pier, reflecting the scale of Ballymore’s placemaking and infrastructure investment. So the new brand needed to complement, rather than compete with the already established brand.

Solution /
We came up with an identity and communications strategy which positions the 400 apartments as a new a premiere landmark within – but distinct from – the wider Royal Wharf neighbourhood. And we worked closely with Ballymore to create digital and offline communications that explain, in a friendly and people-centric language, what’s special about Riverscape and the benefits of having the whole of Royal Wharf on your doorstep.

Expertise and community spirit were central themes of the sales and marketing campaign, which included social media posts designed to bring people together and demonstrate a neighbourhood-within-a-neighbourhood feel.

Results /
80 apartments sold in the first weekend after launch, and the development became Ballymore’s most successful property launch of 2021. And the brand ideas and identity behind this part of Royal Wharf continue to shape a style of living that’s fully connected to Royal Wharf yet set apart, with its own distinct sense of place.

We delivered:

Virtual development insights
Branding and creative treatment
Riverscape website
Social media strategy
Marketing book
Advertising concepts
Hoarding design