Royal Wharf

‘Your life made easy’

The campaign that’s helping young homeowners fully envision their life at
Ballymore’s Royal Wharf –
even as the expansive
development is still
taking shape.

Challenge /
Mixed-use developments don’t get much bigger than Royal Wharf: over 3,300 new homes and 4,750 sq ft of retail on 40 acres of riverside real estate. Building a new ‘town within a city’ on this scale takes years to complete. Which raises a particular kind of marketing challenge: how to keep the dream alive when buyers visit a site that’s only partially realised?

Solution /
We created a multi-channel campaign that guides Royal Wharf prospects through the benefits of living in a managed, modern development where everything you need is just around the corner. It’s all about bringing this vast site down to a human scale – so that it feels more like home – while boosting buyers’ awareness and excitement about retail openings and other Royal Wharf landmarks that are still in the works.

Results /
By articulating the Royal Wharf brand and lifestyle in tangible ways, the campaign has helped to drive the next phase of sales – and defy Brexit uncertainties – by reinforcing the real value associated with owning a home in a managed neighbourhood.

We delivered:

Lifestyle book
Website & film
Advertising campaign
Branded onsite experience